Barbara Kapusta

Barbara Kapusta (*1983 in Vienna; lives and works in Vienna) is concerned with verbal and non-verbal language and the communication between persons and things. Her work explores the relationship between the material character of objects and the physical existence of the observer.

Her objects, films and text-based works have recently been shown in, among others, Empathic Creatures, Ashley (Berlin, 2018), In Middens, Gianni Manhattan (Vienna, 2017), Instructions for Happiness (KUP, Athens 2016), Das Begreifen, and The Language of Things, 21er Haus, The Promise of Total Automation, Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna 2016); Dinge und Dialoge, Scriptings (Berlin 2015), Mouth As Is A Haunted House, Beautiful Gallery, (Chicago 2015), fig-2, ICA Studio (London 2015) and Poesie, mumok (Vienna 2015).

She regularly publishes her poetic writing, most recently in Black Pages (Issue#68, 2016) and Jenni Tischer: Pin, edited by Manuela Ammer, 2014, Sternberg Press. She is co-editor of several publications including Dinge und Dialoge, Vienna/Berlin: 2015/16 and Projects by Assignments, Vienna: schlebrügge.editor 2011.

CV_Barbara Kapusta