Matthieu Haberard
Matthieu Haberard (*1991 in Toulouse; lives and works in Paris)  borrows from the wholesaler's or the market halls registry to  produce curious layouts halfway between sculptures and useful objects. The variety of their association creates a cluster of resting objects, or until then without their function, waking up in the experience of disillusion. Though uncertainty remains. The objects in troubled waters become the merchant stall's embodiments, their grids like a jar's framework behind which a shattered universe opens up. Corrupted within their own form, the objects dissolve and undertake an odd enterprise. In a cluster of data, hybrid figures are covered with slimy dry matter, keeping only the nerve fibers of a disintegrating reality. Getting inspiration from the poetic tale of nature's sad time, Haberard renders a view on the vastness of a post-industrial world. (Marianne Robin).

Recent exhibitions include Felicitá, Beaux Arts Paris (2017), Insomnia market, ENSBA (Paris, 2016), A Thousand Friends (part 2), New Jörg (Vienna, 2016), Beauloss, Lastresort Gallery, curated by Antoine Donzeaud (Copenhagen, 2016), DOC, Doc, curated by Joey Tang (Paris, 2015), C’est la vie, Occidental temporary, curated by Neil Beloufa (Villejuif, 2015).