Matthieu Haberard
Matthieu Haberard (*1991 in Toulouse; lives and works in Paris)  

Matthieu Haberard’s practice is interested in the liminal zone between adulthood and childhood. Despite the extraordinary craftsmanship of his sculptures – each work is done in meticulously by hand, consciously ignoring easier technological production techniques such as 3D printing – the aspect of “un-learning” is dominant in his practice: Haberard is interested in the wild imagination of children that is often lost once adulthood is entered. His sculptures and textile works are an evocation of intuition found in children, a willed abandoning of reason, consequentiality and the constraints of language.

Recent exhibitions include 100%, Halle de la Villette, Paris (2019); Outside Our, Fondation Emerige, Paris; The Dance of Atoms, curated by Daiga Grantina, DOC, Paris; Beaux Amis, Wendy Gallery, Paris (2018); Sur La Route Après l'Insomnie, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna; Nos Ombres Devant Nous, Fondation Ricard, Paris (2017).

Matthieu Haberard CV 2019.pdf
Matthieu Haberard CV