FIAC 2019
Barbara Kapusta, Zsófia Keresztes
Barbara Kapusta (*1983, lives and works in Vienna)
Zsófia Keresztes (*1985, lives and works in Budapest)
For FIAC Lafayette, Gianni Manhattan presents a configuration of three sculptures by Zsófia Keresztes and a video work by Barbara Kapusta, forming a landscape that questions contemporary society’s relationship to body politics and power.
In Barbara Kapusta’s new video, the central figure of the animated video "Dangerous bodies" is a hybrid post-human techno-body that shapeshifts into different protagonists.
For Kapusta, the story of a body is a story of proximity to contemporary politics and power, addressing questions such as: Who is responsible for your body? Who decides on survival and/or decease? Who governs the access of knowledge, healing, reproduction?
Zsófia Keresztes’ new sculptures equally address the capability of techno-bodies and the relationship to the boundless, limitless digital realm. 
The body is a reoccurring trope in Keresztes’s practice. Made from glass mosaic, mirror and nylon threaded hair, Keresztes’ characters are sculptural manifestations of avatars created in digital spaces. She draws parallels between the physical body, limited by gravity, time and space, and the endless, ageless avatars created in the digital realm. She is fascinated by the mirror images of these two (opposing) identities, real and fictional, physical and digital, each existing simultaneously but bound to different forces of nature.
As visitors manoeuvre around and through these new works, created specifically for the fair, the encounter with double-headed and morphing characters - surrogates of a digital body – mirrors back and distorts the physical body, hinting at future bodies to come.