Interconti Wien 2021
Matthieu Haberard
GIANNI MANHATTAN is pleased to present a solo presentation by Matthieu haberard for the inaugural edition of INTERCONTI Wien.

Matthieu Haberard (*1991 in Toulouse; lives and works in Paris)  

Matthieu Haberard’s practice is interested in the liminal zone between adulthood and childhood. Despite the extraordinary craftsmanship of his sculptures – each work is done in meticulously by hand, consciously ignoring easier technological production techniques such as 3D printing – the aspect of “un-learning” is dominant in his practice: Haberard is interested in the wild imagination of children that is often lost once adulthood is entered. His sculptures and textile works are an evocation of intuition found in children, a willed abandoning of reason, consequentiality and the constraints of language.

Matthieu Haberard’s war helmets are discarded relics. Exposed as trophies, they are vestiges of fantasized eras and relics of phantom battles. Haberard echoes the idea that armour, an enforced artificial skin for protection, encases a body, but the material he uses – a mouldable plastic used in Cosplay – is incapable of protection, fulfils and reiterates solely a decorate function. His designs are often inspired by Chinese and Japanese traditional martial patterns, distilled to their most minimalistic reduction. Some of the patterns are reminiscent of painted kabuki masks, and animal faces, evocative of the totems used to usher in natural spirits.

Recent exhibitions include Piégé.e.s inextricablement dans la formulation d’une émotion, Galerie Hussenot, Paris (2020), Fioretti, GOMO, Vienna; 100%, Halle de la Villette, Paris (2019); Outside Our, Fondation Emerige, Paris; The Dance of Atoms, DOC, Paris; Beaux Amis, Wendy Gallery, Paris (2018); Sur La Route Après l'Insomnie, Gianni Manhattan, Vienna; Nos Ombres Devant Nous, Fondation Ricard, Paris (2017).